Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Helloooooo out there. I'm trying this out because it looks more sophisticated than the blog on Myspace. And I'm hoping it works a lot faster.
Anywho, it's 11:12pm, and I'm wondering if my cotton sheets are clean. If not, I'm going to have to put the flannel ones back on, and, well, it's a bit warm for that. So, I'm hoping I can find some clean cotton sheets. And it's 11:12pm. I may just wing it for the night and throw a cotton something or other over the bed.
But! A huge load was taken off this evening. I've spent all day trying to book a flight for my mom to visit my sis, and I couldn't find a thing. Well, not anything affordable that wasn't going to take her into the pits of hell, I mean, Chicago or Washington, DC. I wouldn't care if it were just me, but I would be worried about her. Besides, it wouldn't be me because I would DRIVE. I don't believe in flying unless it's absolutely necessary. I swear by driving. I swear.
But, anyway, I digress. I almost didn't get to the reason why I felt there was a load off of my shoulders. Because I found a NONSTOP flight from Kansas City! Um, I didn't think such a thing existed. So, after a full day of searching and swearing and slamming, I finally found this gem, on the airline's site, of all places. Go figure.
OK, stay tuned, because I'm going to attempt some Photo Blogs on here. I'm not sure if that works, but we can only try. We? Who's we? Are you French? I.