Friday, November 12, 2010

Nothing Productive.

That's exactly what I'm doing tonight. I'm listening to some tuneage, looking through the archives of my photos to try to put some together for the show I have to put up for Portrait Photo. Okay, so maybe that's a little productive. Let's just say I'm not busting my arse to get it done tonight. This week has probably cost me about a year from the end of my life.

In happier news, I finally ordered the new album from The Alternate Routes in a package along with their Live in Seattle CD. Speaking of which, there should be a download link in my email inbox. I also downloaded Amazon's Deal of the Day from yesterday, I believe, which was from Superchunk. I'm not sure how I feel about giving up my $3.99 for it. I liked it when I listened to the samples, but I'm not sure how I feel about it now. Ah well, I'll listen to it more. I'm now contemplating some Joe Bonamassa. His song, "Tea for One," kicks rear. I am trying to find it used, but the least expensive copy is $7 plus shipping. I wonder how much it is at Best Buy.

OH, hi. You're still reading. Apologies for the conversation with myself. But, isn't that what this is, anyway? Never mind.

It smells really good in here. My mom's making gravy (sauce, for the non-Italians) and sausage and stuff because she invited some people over on Sunday. Not sure if I'll be here to join in the festivities, but I'm thinking not because it's supposed to be really nice out, and I get nervous when there are that many people in my house.

Tomorrow, hopefully somewhat early, I'm planning to head over to the PSU campus to shoot what's left of the fall colors. I'm hoping the rain spared some of the color and gives me one more chance to capture it.

I think that's it for now. I'm just enjoying not having something extremely pressing to do right now. So here are a few random shots from this week, or some time in the recent past.

PSU Homecoming Queen and King


Crimson and Gold Dancers and the Spirit Squad

Letter C, trying to get votes


Another shot from Homecoming

Da Moon

Another of da moon

This leaf was on the roof of my car when I left work

Waiting for Applebee's-To-Go

Another of The Leaf