Friday, May 12, 2006


woo hoo! It's here! The night we all wait for, all week long. Shame, isn't it? But who cares?!?! It's here!
And I thought I'd write a few lines before I go out for my Friday night drive, which, tonight, is a beautiful Friday night drive, as Mother Nature is in a REALLY good mood tonight. Couldn't ask for more perfect weather.
Ya know, I just stopped for a minute, just now, to look out of my bedroom window. In the back of our house is a pond, to which we lovingly refer as "the lake." But it's beautiful scenery, nonetheless. If I can get a pic of it on here, I'll show ya.
But, I digress, as usual.
Sometimes, I wonder what in the world possessed me to agree to move out here. Then, it is on days like these that I am completely thankful for doing so. It is quiet, it is beautiful, and there is no smog. Yet. If the town keeps progressing like they say it will, who knows. But, for now, I am enjoying living in the middle of nowhere.
You see, in NJ, I'd have to drive for quite a while to get to "nowhere." But, all I have to do is go about a mile down the road, and there I am. I love it.
Well, I think I'm just on a Friday high, about to become a night drive-Starbucks-cheaper gas-nighttime air-type high. I'm also jazzed because I've got some new tunes as well.
Peter Bradley Adams, formerly one half of the group Easmountainsouth, has put out a solo EP, and I was completely disappointed because it sold out. However, thanks to the magic of ebay, I was able to purchase a copy for $0.08 plus $3.95 shipping. Can't beat that. And it is such a gorgeous CD. His voice is angelic, as is Kat Maslich-Bode's, formerly the other half of Eastmountainsouth. I can't wait until she puts out some promised new tuneage. I will definitely miss hearing new tunes from the two of them together, though. EMS's self-titled CD is in my top 5 all-time favorite CDs. Along with Train's Drops of Jupiter, Tom Kimmel's Circle Back Home, and a couple others, on which I haven't decided yet.
Anywho, I will stop here. Few things to do before I head on out. Later taters.