Friday, September 10, 2010

Well, I did it.

I ordered an iMac! I was previously thinking about the Macbook Pro, but, as much as I'd like a laptop, I do my best work on a desktop computer. Must. Have. Mouse. Plus, I feel the iMac is a better investment for my future career. I'll get the Macbook Pro down the road at some point.

I await its arrival with great impatience. I regret that I did not order before the 7th because I could have received a free iPod touch. However, I still do get $100 off of an Epson Work-something or other printer, which will bring it down to $50. Can't complain about that.

Now, the next step is to order the Adobe CS5 Design Premium Suite with my education discount, which is a humungous savings, to say the least. I almost have enough cash for it. Next week's paycheck and/or the proceeds from the anniversary party gig will provide me with the little bit I'm short at the mo'.

This decision was made mostly because I feel I am behind the rest of my classmates in the design software area, considering my focus is mostly on photography. I have concentrated mostly on gen ed classes for quite a while, as well. Therefore, my software knowledge from the intro classes is a bit rusty. However, that's no excuse for not knowing it as well as I should.

Let's see, on the project front, I've got a few things on the burners. Outside of class work, I shot photos at a friend's parents' 50th wedding anniversary party. I'm currently up to my ears in editing those and plan to have them done this weekend.

I also took some shots of my guitarist friend Micah's gig last Sunday night. Those are in the queue for after the anniversary party photos.

For my Digital File Prep class, our next assignment is to design a notepad geared toward high school students who are also prospective PSU students. I'm excited about this one. This weekend's project is to come up with ten thumbnails and two full-size rough sketches. Not a whole lot of time, but that's the nature of the beast. I also have to draft up a synopsis of Team 3's presentation, which takes just a few minutes.

Let's see, I've got a couple of Portrait Photography assignments in the hopper, as well. I've shot, edited and printed the photos for Assignment 1, which consisted of photographing an individual in the studio using just one key light. Assignment 2 focuses more on the 5 basic lighting setups, and I'm sure will take up more time. We also have some reading and writing to do for those assignments, too. The fun never ends! I'll end up at the 'bux at some point for the writing assignments and thumbnail sketches, I'm sure.

Can't forget Tech writing. We're currently drafting resumes. I've had a working resume for quite a while and I'm just touching that one up and adding/eliminating select info and putting it in the proper format.

On TOP of all that, I'll be up at the rear-crack tomorrow morning to take in the CR-V to get the right tie-rod end fixed/replaced/whatever is wrong with it. Appointment at 7am! Yeah, buddy! Then, Mom and I may head to Whole Foods up in KC for their awesome pizza and then shop around some. I'm already out of veggie straws! I can tell that's going to be a new addiction, along with sesame sticks and Casey's pizza.

I was hoping to hang with Josh and Lindsay tonight for said Casey's pizza and crazy movies, but that's still up in the air. But MAN, I could certainly use some Casey's right about now. Oooh, sesame sticks, too.

There. The play-by-play of my weekend. You're welcome. I'll try to post some photos for ya later as compensation for reading. Try.

Well, here's to the weekend and a speedy delivery of my newest investment!