Wednesday, December 06, 2006

whoa nelly...

it's been a while. again. life has been nutty. lots of things have transpired since I last wrote. One being that I FINALLY went back to school!! And now my first semester back in school is just about over. Last night was the final Graphic Design class, and Thursday morning will be the last English Comp class, and then we just have until noon on Tuesday to turn in our final portfolio/research paper. Whew! I can't believe how that flew! Insanity. Not that I'm complaining at all.
But things are going pretty darn well these days. A bit overwhelming, but I love being busy. Don't let my frantic disposition fool you. haha.
Anyway, just had to drop a line...I'm at work right now, so guess I should get back to it, huh? I'll write more later. Peesh out.