Saturday, December 11, 2010

In for the night

That's one thing I love about the winter. It's always cozy to be home for the night, knowing I don't have to go anywhere and can don comfy pjs. But, it's even better when it's cold outside. It makes me even more thankful for having a roof over my head, a good job, senior status at a kick-ass college, learning more about the things I love to do.

The end of the semester is always stressful, but *knock on wood* this one isn't quite as insane as the others have been. My tech writing class has been done for almost two weeks now, and that has taken a lot of the load off of the end-of-semester rush. I handed in my last Portrait Photo assignment on Thursday, and now I have just the open-note final next Thursday. Due to a ton of extra credit, I'm not even remotely concerned about how I do on it. Of course, I will try my best because that's what nerds do, but if I get my usual grade somewhere in the 80s, it won't make a bit of difference. Even though it's open-notes, it's still a difficult exam because it is True/False, and those SUCK. That is why I made sure I had plenty of extra credit to make up for it.

Other than the final exam for photo class, I have to finish my final project for Digital File Prep. It's going to be time-consuming, and I'm aiming to have it done by tomorrow so that I can get it printed on Monday and not have to worry if it will be done in time for the presentations on Thursday.

After that, I'm DONE!!! Another semester down, and only a few to go. That is, as long as I can work out an internship that works with my full-time, 8:00-4:30 Monday through Friday work schedule. That's going to prove to be a challenge. And here I thought that, once I got through speech class, it'd be smooth-sailing. Not so, I guess.

Anyway, back to the original intent of this post. In for the night. Ahhhhhhh. Listening to tunes, contemplating buying the Amazon mp3 deal of the day, working on pics I took for my bro and my final project, doing laundry because I'm down to the "desperate" towels, and just plain chilling out.

Hope everyone else has a nice Saturday night planned! Later, taters.