Friday, August 31, 2007

Dirrrrrrty air

Hello everyone! Or, one. Depending on just how many people read this.
Anyway, further to the title, I think it's about time we get the air purified in here. I'm speaking of my place of employment. Every five or ten minutes, someone sneezes. And I know I hardly sneeze except for when I'm here (which is a huge majority of my waking hours), and everyone else says the same. So, all I have to say is...

What's up with that?

Well, for most of us, it's almost time to celebrate the long weekend. Woo hoo! I appreciate my time off even more so now that I've taken on 9 credit hours while still working 40 hours a week. Gotta love being a glutton for punishment. Well, I can justify it by wanting to get done faster so I can get ON with my life and career! So there.

Well, everyone, or one, have a fantastic friggin' weekend. It looks like it's supposed to be pretty nice out, so get some schunschine, dammit!