Thursday, May 27, 2010

Road trip!

Ahhhh, I'm so ready to drag myself out of bed at 2:00am on Saturday, load the CR-V, and head on out to visit with my sis and the gang in Kentucky for a week! I plan to bring along my colored pencils and some black and white prints of my photos so I can stay creative even without a computer. 'Course, I'm sure the girls have plenty of coloring books and crayons, so that'll rock.

I also have it on good authority that the girls have new sidewalk chalk. Can you say PARTAY?? I'm going to bring along my big-ass bubble wand, too. Woot!

Man, I'm so ready to do absolutely NOTHING for a week before the madness of the summer sessions start. (Where have I heard this before?) Did I already talk about this. Oh well, I'll say it again. I'll be taking six credit hours this summer so that I may achieve senior status by the fall semester.

I'm glad to get to spend some time with my sis and the kids. I feel like a rebel because Patty and I hang out and go shopping while the girls are at school. Hahahahaha!!

I'm also going to spend a day in Louisville with Pineapple and MAYYYYBE L if she gets her rear out that way. I'm looking forward to a ton of laughing so hard that it hurts and you can look forward to some more crazy-ass videos, if you're my friend on Facebook. Hmm...I guess I could post them here, too. Yeah, I might just do that. So there!

Anyway, just have to get through the rest of Thursday and then Friday and the brain will be turned OFF for seven or eight days. Woot!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, it's finally here. I've been enjoying it for a week now. 'Course, it makes for long days at work when I'm used to leaving at least once a day for class. But, I must say, it's a lot less stressful. It's taking a lot more to keep me awake, mind you, but I think that has a lot to do with my out-of-shape arse going back to the gym this week. I'm determined to fit into the groovy t-shirts I bought last summer when I got myself in shape.

I'm really hoping that my summer classes don't have a whole lot of homework so I can continue to get to the gym.

Man, coffee isn't even doing it for me this morning. Not that it normally does, but I need something especially this morning because of the Tylenol PM I took last night to relieve my aching muscles. It was a great, almost uninterrupted, night's sleep, but I'm finding it extremely hard to keep my eyes open today. It'll most likely be another Amp afternoon.

OK, I think I'm rambling because I can hardly stay awake............. so here are a few random photos while I snooze...I mean work.

Kerrington Cooper

Pier in Lavallette, NJ

Sanctus Real

A back road near Winfield, KS