Monday, October 25, 2010

Kentucky Visit

As mentioned in an earlier post, I wish I could have stayed on Fall Break forever. Or, at least for a little while longer. I had a fantastic time hanging out with my sis and the girls.

Here are some pics from our excursions:

Liv holding a baby chick

Gi wanting to pet the turkey but not wanting to pet the turkey

Gi found one!

Riss braving the CREEPY spider

The pumpkin-headed scarecrow guy thing and me

Riss on the search

When Liv met Bob

The girls scoping out the scene

Liv and Gi at Barnes and Noble reading their books to me at the same time

Enjoying some B&N Cafe time

More quality time

After bath craziness

Gi gettin' down to the keyboard music

A very small and very fuzzy telephone

Gi preparing her s'mores

Gi (in selective color) enjoying my crayons

Another of Gi enjoying my crayons

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Breakage

Ahhhh, Fall Break, typing on very small keyboards on very small laptops, and the procrastination of finalizing my tech writing paper. My sis's extremely cozy couch and huge TV are far too inviting.

I just have to wonder, though--why isn't Fall break as long as Spring break?

Regardless, it's great to get to spend time with my sister and nieces. I wish my closest loved ones were closer to me physically. Life is short, and we need to spend as much time as possible with those closest to us. That's my wise word for the day.

I'm excited to take the girls the pumpkin patch tomorrow. I have to wonder if I have more fun than they do. Either way, it's a gorgeous time of year, and the leaves are really turning around here; even more so than in Pitt.

Well, I'm going to give up typing on this thing. I'm pecking the keys like a non-typist.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh, the humanity!

Yeah, it's going to be a whiney one. You've been forewarned.

Further to my Facebook status, I feel like I've been trying to force square pegs into round holes lately. I'm trying to make something come from nothing. I am uninspired and exhausted.

Oh, wait, that's normal for a college senior who's been in school since August 2006?? Jesus, I must have been out of my mind when I signed up for this. No, not really. It's just one of those days.

It was a really full weekend, and I am spent. It was absolutely wonderful, but I think I'm getting too old for these run-til-you-drop weekends. I know, say it isn't so! Well, we do what we have to do until we don't have to anymore.

Still with me?

On the up side, I shot a bunch of photos with my new Canon Powershot, and they are absolute magic. I'll post a few here in a few minutes, after my rambling, of course.

Further to the lack of inspiration, I just can't seem to get any momentum going when it comes to creating. I blame this on the plethora of "photographers" out there making everything creative seem like it's a dime a dozen. Therefore, I will have to dig deeper to find something that hasn't been done. Or, at least done eighteen bazillion times.

I think that's enough whining for now. I have to post those pics I promised you, and I have to write a synopsis of the symposium I attended for class on Friday. Good times.

I'll leave you with a song, as well. One EskimO's "Amazing." It's the one that pulls at my heartstrings at the moment. I'll try to find a stream of it for ya. Oh, and here's a link of just that:

"Amazing" by One eskimO (scroll down to Track 11)

The Rearview Mirror. Sounds like some spooky book, but it's not. It's just a photo.

Table Rock. GET IT?? Table? Rock? Never mind.

A stone tied to a branch

The beautiful Jenn

B-b-b-b-b-braum's, Durant style. Not that you'd be able to tell if it was not in Durant but in some other town and I was just deceiving you.

Jenn at the Waffle something-or-other

Hot Shots Coffee, Durant, OK

Another shot of Hot Shots. Get it??

An intersection in Downtown Durant

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Late-night Musings

Musings. What a cliched word. I apologize.

But hey, I've started up a separate blog for my photography work. It's for my digital file prep class and is more of a professional-type atmosphere. I'd do that here, but I know I can't refrain from my sarcastic comments when they reveal themselves to me.

Here's the link: KMH Photography.
You can also find the link on the right side of this blog if you're not ready to go there just yet.

Don't fret...I'll still update this blog, as well. The other one is mainly for school projects and more photography. I'll post photos here, too. It'll just big one big photo party.

I'm beginning to think I should get to bed. This is the third night this week that I've been up past midnight. Yeah, don't laugh. Gone are the days that I can stay up this late and function on all cylinders the next day and not feel it for the rest of the week. I think this all started once I hit 30. Ah well. Surprisingly enough, I'm not having much of a problem accepting my senior citizenship.

My two favorite albums at the mo'. (I know, completely random.)

Thriving Ivory's Through Yourself and Back Again
Click to Sample

One EskimO's self-titled release
Click to Sample