Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm pretty sure...

...that my brain is already on summer break. Well, the three weeks that I will get before and after the summer sessions.

The biggest thing I'm worried about, really, is my short story revision. I think it's because I don't have it in me to think and be creative at this point in the semester.

I've got one more project due for Commercial Photo, and I'm hoping it won't take too much time because it involves working in Photoshop and distorting images and stuff that I normally don't want to deal with.

Let's see, I'm almost done with my personal website for Web Site Design. (AHEM...) I just have to find my notes from Web-based Software to refresh my memory (or, more appropriately, relearn) how to make a slideshow in Flash CS4. I opened up an exercise we'd done in the class, and it absolutely did NOT come flooding back to me. At all. So, this could prove to be a problem.

Hmmm...what else...one more exam in Org Theory and then The Final. I'll find out tonight how I did on last week's exam (crossing fingers) and get the study guides for Exam 5 and The Final. And tonight's the last night of lecture. Not that I'm complaining, but I do enjoy Dr. Baack's lectures. They're very information-rich, and we're writing ALL class period long. No lie. I have to stop sometimes and shake out the cramp in my wrist. But he keeps it very entertaining with his stories from his younger days that relate completely to the point he is making at the moment.

Well, I guess I know how I'll be spending the rest of the week and Sunday. If I were wise, I would have my nose in the "books" all weekend, but Artsfest is occurring this weekend in Springfield, and I want to go. That's all. Just 'cuz.

I also have to write a short-short story for Creative Writing about a wedding cake that somehow ends up in the middle of the road. Should be interesting. I need to come up with something really wacky for this one. It doesn't have to be that long. Max of four pages. I'll probably fall somewhere between two and three.

Yeah, I believe that's it. OH, I have to come up with ten questions from a reading assignment for Commercial Photo for tomorrow. Yeah, so that's what I'll be doing after class tonight before watching the DVR'd The Biggest Loser.

Well, yeah, if you've made it this far, ku-friggin-dos. That would be COMPLETELY boring to anyone but me. So, here's some compensation...

Not the best shot, but it was hysterical. This was
in the parking lot of the WalMart up in Independence, MO.

A pretty sunset somewhere around here

Lavallette, NJ *sigh*

Some, um, pretty flowers

A park near Cherryvale, KS

The Broadway Bridge in North KC

Downtown Anderson, MO